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The Story of "The Land of Rising Sun"

sunrise-1.jpg (14600 ??)In the eastern Formosa, there is a Holy Mountain named "The Land of Rising Sun". In the back of it is the Seashore Mt. (Green Dragon Mt.). In front of it is the Central Mountain. The sun rises from the Seashore Mountain in the head of "The Land of Rising Sun" and sets in the Central Mountain when the moon rises slowly on the feet of "The Land of Rising Sun"

"The Land of Rising Sun" is like "the Earth Mother" who wears the sun on its head, steps the moon on its feet and puts on the crown of 12 stars. Because in "The Land of Rising Sun", the stars are as closed as on the tree and as shining as the sparkling crown on its head. The scene is quite special and holy.

Chinese characters are full of the wisdom of the universe. KuanShan was called "LiLong" before. There is a lot of spring water under the ground of LiLong. When Japanese occupied Taiwan, the local residents were afraid that too much water would influence the cultivation so they dug the earth and put the stones in it. Since that time, the underground water was closed. "LiLong" in Chinese means "the dragon in the water". It's the god to protect this Holy Land. This Holy Land is also the hometown of spring. This hometown and the difficult living environment are like the checkpoint to guard this Holy Land
——"The Land of Rising Sun".

sunrise-2.jpg (12676 ??)"The Land of Rising Sun" was called "Thunder's Light" before. It changed into "ZiTsu" in 1937. The boarder at that time was far from "LuYeh" and after the dividing the land, there were only "The Land of Rising Sun" and "DienKuan" community left. "The Land of Rising Sun" (Crownstone Garden's location) is surrounded by two rivers: one is clear and the other is turbid water. It becomes a special Taiji terrain. As to its location, it's a quite special "Lotus Cave". "Lotus Cave" is Holy Land and it means "the place where saints live." "The Land of Rising Sun" is like a stamen surrounded by lotus petals (Green Dragon and Central Mt.). If you just look from outside, you can't find out there is a Holy Mountain with such exquisite magnetic field. "The Land of Rising Sun" has two parts: the front and the back. The two rivers are combined together in front of its door into "ChiaWu" river. The combining point is the head of ChiaWu river.

sunrise-3.jpg (9229 ??)"If there is water, there will be the dragon. The dragon needs the water to fly
?" The underground spring water is finally guided on the ground for the construction of "ChinSheh" park. The little dragon girl in the legend story finally can come back this Holy spring town——"LiLong". "KuanShan" in Chinese means the checkpoint of "The Land of Rising Sun". So far KuanShan has many number one records in Taiwan such as with the smallest amount of population they built the first "ChinSheh" park which practices the environment very well (the design of it also for the Buddha's reunion in A,D 2000), the first path for bike's riding around the whole town, the famous KuanShan rice and the handy crafts of Taitung's natives. Those are the preparation for the Golden new life in "Golden World".

sunrise-4.jpg (10543 ??)HwaTung valley was called "God's Road" when Japanese occupied Taiwan. In the future, people have walk on "God's Road". It's also the Holy road prepared for the Buddha's reunion. People who come to the Holy Land must be baptized in "ChinSheh" park and then enter "The Land of Rising Sun". The year 2000's coming means "Golden World" is coming soon. In these 500 days given by God, we invite people all over the world to Holy Land in KuanShan
——"The Land of Rising Sun" to wash your spirits, to lead "Golden world" life earlier and upgrade your spiritual level for the "Great Birth" after 500 days!


The First Sunlight of Millennium in "Three-Buddha Lava Bed" in Taitung

After 921 earthquake, Taiwan became the focus of the world, the first sunlight of Millennium is going to appear in "Three-Buddha Lava Bed" in Taitung. The press all over the world will gather together at the last pure land of Formosa——Taitung to catch the once-in-a-life-time picture at the first day of Millennium. Gods magic arrangement lets people all over the world know the place where the first sunlight appears——"The Land of Rising Sun", Taitung, Taiwan.

's not a coincident that Taitung of Formosa can be the first focus of Millennium. Taiwan, heart of the world, the first Mu continent in Earth period, will come back the world's stage to play an important role again. Taiwan's back mountain——Taitung (in the eastern Taiwan) was separated to the west by the Central Mountain. They still keep simple and sincere life until now. Further more government concentrates on the development of western Taiwan so Taitung can be free from the pollution of civilization and is called the last pure land of Taiwan. The high mountain also cut the chance for the eastern people to see the sunset so all the eastern Taiwan was called "the land of rising sun". God solves the puzzle of "The Land of Rising Sun" in Bible step by step and lets people all over the world walk toward "The Land of Rising Sun" very naturally to be baptized for the spirit.

Another earthquake happened to Turkey again. It told us:
" if we don't wake up, the disaster will keep on happening." It has past 4 months since Aug. 8th and there're only 300 or more days left for the 500 days of Golden Edge. God warns us to upgrade our spirit. In the other hand, He also hints us where "The Land of Rising Sun" is. Fan Universal Net, the Crownstone Garden is "The Land of Rising Sun" in Bible, the "Wing's Head Town" in Maitreya's classic and also the lightning projecting to the west from the east. On Nov. 15th, there's a master of Tibet Buddhism received an information from God:" there're many spiritual practitioners will become Buddhas with Maitreya. Since now on, the ones who are the vegetarians or the ones who are not will belong to the different space." The different space is what we mention in our web site:" when Great Birth happens, if people can't upgrade their spirit, some people will become "animal people", some will be the ghosts in the air cargo in Messiah No. 7 aircraft, and still others will become the vagrant mani pearls to wait the next evolution."

By the coming of Millennium, human's history is going to the era of AD2000. Observing the trend of anti-cigarette, anti-drug and protection of wild life in the world, we can make sure the next important step is "to be an vegetarian" (it means do not kill lives). If you want to be a new earthling, the first term is to be a vegetarian. We also hope we can see your appearance in the sunlight of Millennium.



The First Rays in “the Land of Rising Sun” of Formosa

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The first rays were going to appear in “the Land of Rising Sun” in the eastern Formosa. In the morning of Jan. 1, 2000, there’re full of those people who want to see the first rays of Millennium in “Three Buddha” and “Tai-Ma-Li.” We Fan Family also drove our car to “Three Buddha” from Peinan. However, there’re a lot of clouds, the sky was going to be bright, it’s almost over the estimate time and we hadn’t arrived “Three Buddha”…Suddenly, DaDa turned to the right side and shouted:” The rays showed up!” We hurried to park our cars on the roadside, and what we saw was a tiny, cute, sparkling, red and bright sun appearing in front of our eyes. At that moment, where we were located was on the middle way to “Three Buddha”-“DuLi.”

It was said that people in “Three Buddha” and “Tai-Ma-Li” didn’t see the magnificent scene. It’s really a pity. We recorded it already with digital camera and changed it become several pictures to share with you. You can know how beautiful and holy it is when you enjoy these pictures.



The Allusion of the "Land of Rising Sun" II

The light of the rising sun flows from KuanShan,

The sound of falling water delivers from TsiSun;

The crownstone lotus-like UFO is going to DienKuan,

The round Fan Universe is composed of circle of everyone.

After writing "The Allusion of the Land of Rising Sun," until today, Mother DaDa gave me this poem, I finally realized the further information of God's plan to the Land of Rising Sun. God designs the special scenes not only in Crownstone Garden and Natural Village, but also connects TsiSun, KuanShan and DienKuan together to form a Fan Universal Net.

On the website, we'd reported the story of "Buddha's Light Temple." It introduced that the construction of "Buddha's Light Temple" was the same with the Lotus UFO and the 36-level stair mentioned in the book "DaDa and LaLa." They had prepared to wait Buddha's reunion in AD 2000 before 50 years. Buddha's Light Temple has very close relationship with Crownstone Garden: Crownstone Garden is in ZiTsu of KuanShan, and Buddha's Light Temple is in SueiTzei of TsiSun. ZiTsu is relatively to SueiTzei. ZiTsu in Chinese means the rising sun. The "rising sun" also stands for "light." In "DaDa's Universal Viewpoint" of our website, "light" means "golden thread." The relative SueiTzei means "sound." In "DaDa's Universal Viewpoint," "sound" means "silver chord." Fan Universal Net is exactly composed of "golden thread" and "silver chord."

In "DaDa's Answer" of our website, we have mentioned that Maitreya's light is flowing so "the light of rising sun flows" means Maitreya's light flows in every dark corner, and even the heart covered by the karma, the light will flow into and make you powerful to fight the karma and make you see the light of God again.

After we held the winter's camp during Chinese's New Year, Buddha's Light Temple and Crownstone Garden connected formally. The little angels on the Lotus UFO are going to come to DienKuan to see Mother DaDa, let Mother DaDa connect the electricity from God and bring the energy of God to the whole world. This time, there're 33 children chosen by God to join this camp. Mother DaDa said:" There would be more and more little angels coming to the Land of Rising Sun." We finally realize that the 144,000 chosen virgins mentioned in the Bible are those innocent and cute little kids without any pollution! In one book about the prophet of MaYa, it describes an American received the instruction to explain the prophet. The prophet said:" There'll be 2000 people who were born during 1987 to 1988 and selected by God without any faults. These people are going to build God's city in the future and create a world controlled by love and peace. Because of these people, a new earth history will begin?" This prophet coincides with what Mother DaDa said below.

In the Chapter 14 of Revelation, it says:" Then I looked, and there before me was the lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. And I heard a sound from heaven like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps. And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders?" The new song means the song that Mother DaDa taught us to sing the holy song "AMANANI" which is the greeting from Heaven. Mother DaDa said:" Mount "Zion" meant "the Land of Rising Sun"; "His name and his father's name written on their foreheads" meant the "cross" which stood for the real face your soul, Tao or Buddha. The "cross" was "light" and "sound." So after being conneted the electricity of God, all of those children could see the light and hear the sound. "A sound of thunder" and "the sound of harps" meant the different levels that you could hear from the inner sound."

Mother DaDa said again:" Mother DaDa connected the electricity for the children through God's power. Children's containers were so clean so God could easily put power inside their containers. These Angels were born to this world with Jesus Christ to save this world and keep company with all human beings to pass Great Birth safely."

Mother DaDa and all Fan Family menbers sincerely invite the big friends from all over the world. If you have the correct viewpoints to save this world, please send Email to us and join our Golden Camp with your kids. When every little circle connects with the big circle, the whole universe will be connected together to become a round Fan Universal Net which is without beginning and the end.

Ama Michelle 2000.3.18