Natural Energy Life

Human beings at the end of 20th century have made efforts for hundreds of years in material world. What we create is the world full of pollution—— the broken ozonosphere and the more and more serious green house effect... Our earth seems in utter disorder and confusion. More and more people wake up to promote a new life to return to the nature and innocence. They know after the industrial revolution and the development of technology for hundreds of years human beings lead a worse and worse life——the environment is polluted, the desires are full of people's heart, it seems that we go further and further away from God's road...

Natural Life style is to provide people a new "Golden World" life style and to let people to recover the universal energy in daily life. For example——in shelter, most people live in the house made of reinforced concrete and use a lot of electronic and magnetic equipment. Those things will influence people's magnetic field. So we can find some time to go camping in the nature to have some fresh air and receive universal energy from the tents. In meantime, we can ride a bicycle and fast-walk to replace walk. It's because riding a bike and fast-walk are just like to start your spiritual engine and it can gain your physical energy and spiritual energy. In clothing, the material of Chinese traditional clothes and the handy crafts made by the natives is from the nature. They combine with the universal wisdom and let people prevent from the influence of chemical pollution. In food, we suggest everyone become a vegetarian. DaDa developed many delicious vegetarian food such as rice hamburger, vegetarian eel dish?etc. Many products were shown on the exhibition and introduced by many magazines. It tells people vegetarian food can not only make people healthy but also be very delicious!

Many pictures in daily life will be shown on our web site later on. Let's enjoy and share this gift from God all over the world!

Natural Energy Life means to develop your spiritual energy through daily life. Human beings are stepping into a new era. How to lead a new life for the coming new age? DaDa told us a lot in our web site. You can refer to the old file "New Noah's Boat" to find the answer.

Now this topic is going to provide some examples for you to practice in daily life.


DaDa's Original Delicacy

nature-1.jpg (17368 ??)

Bamboo Rice (Inalidi)

nature-2.jpg (23367 ??)

Glutinous Rice (Aby)

nature-3.jpg (15258 ??)

Pineapple Boat (Pangbal)

The Traditional Delicious Vegetarian Meals in Green Island

nature-4.jpg (12862 ??)

Pumpkin Congee    Peanut Tofu (Auntie Tsai designs)

Tan Tan's Japan Taste Vegetarian Meals

nature-5.jpg (12063 ??)

Vegetarian Sasimi

nature-6.jpg (12230 ??)

Vegetarian Eel

nature-7.jpg (16419 ??)



nature-8.jpg (14784 ??)

Chinese-Japanese MinNan Clothes

Chinese style

nature-9.jpg (13587 ??)

nature-10.jpg (12660 ??)

Young girl's Chinese style


nature-11.jpg (25608 ??)
nature-12.jpg (13258 ??)
nature-13.jpg (15852 ??)
nature-14.jpg (17575 ??)


nature-15.jpg (15006 ??)
nature-16.jpg (10261 ??)
nature-17.jpg (14725 ??)
nature-18.jpg (22907 ??)