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DaDa's mother is the ancient tribe
——Puyuma, the natives in Taiwan.
Her father is Japanese. After seven days of DaDa's birth,
she was taken away by her Taiwanese father and mother until she grew up.
When she came back her hometown,
she finally knew she's a little princess.


Hello Kitty V.S Minami DaDa

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Hello Kitty V.S Minami DaDa Hello Kitty is so popular in Taiwan and Japan. One time I watched the Hello Kitty stage show on TV, I found
——Hello Kitty is a "Peace Angel"! When I type DaDa's story——"the Moon in the Back Mt.", I knew when DaDa came to this world, she asked God she's willing to come as long as the second world war stopped. When DaDa was born, the war stopped and Taiwan was recovered. I finally realized DaDa is just like Hello Kitty——she is a "Peace Angel"!

When DaDa was young, she entered the show business by herself. It's just like Hello Kitty taking her baggage to develop her show business from England to Hollywood. And finally she becomes a super star. Though DaDa's story seems like a mythology, as to all the members in Fan Universal Net, DaDa's power is so unbelievable. Sometimes, even DaDa doesn't know her power. DaDa said:" When your magnetic field is the same with God's, she works automatically. The power is from God so though I don't know, I know the Almighty God takes care for every sentient being in the world." It's just like the one who create Hello Kitty
—— he gives the living energy to Hello Kitty and lets people who see Hello Kitty can get a lot of joy and happiness. DaDa is like Hello Kitty. DaDa hopes everyone who sees her can receive this gift from God——endless joy and the upgrade of spiritual power!

DaDa is going to say hello to everyone. "Amananina!" The greeting from heaven is to wake the master inside your heart to join the feast at the end of this century
—— "Great Birth". In these 500 days of the boarder of Golden World, DaDa is going to use her smile and voice to bring the peace and power for the whole world. DaDa will make people say goodbye to the games in SaHa world for "Peace Angel"——Minami DaDa is coming soon! DaDa is always like a little girl at the age of 15. DaDa wears Hello Kitty's rosette on her head, puts on Hello Kitty's slippers and wears Hello Kitty's Min-Nan clothes with her kind smile. People who see her will be very happy naturally. They can't tell why for DaDa's always gives people the invisible gift everywhere.

DaDa always lights up the dark corner in the world. DaDa said:" The darker the place is, the more eagerly I have to come." DaDa is so worried and hurries to sweep every dirty place everywhere with a very petite figure. It's because DaDa has to finish her duty
—— to bring peace and hope for all human beings.

Now take our child-like heart to look forward Minami DaDa to bring the surprise and peace as a "Peace Angel" for mankind.


Hello Kitty and DaDa Found Their Soul Mates in 1999

Hello Kitty found her male partner——Daniel. What a coincident! DaDa also found her soul mate in 1999!

"Soul mate" is the rule when God creates this world. Everyone has a soul mate. It's like a woolen yarn in a mess in SaHa world. People can't find the other selves in the other side of the thread so they try again and again to compose the game in SaHa world. At the end of SaHa world, it's time to separate the knot...

Then Hello Kitty found her Daniel and Minami DaDa found her LaLa. Do you find your soul mate? DaDa said:" Only the power of spiritual practice can make you find your soul mate!" Do you want to know story about how DaDa found LaLa? Please enjoy the following poem written by DaDa
——"In 1999 You'll Appear"


The Real Minami DaDa

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If you see a petite figure
With a long braid in front of the chest,
Or the cute rosette on the head
In the elegant MinNan dress,
It must be lovely DaDa!

If you hear
The beautiful music of guitar
According with the emotional love songs,
The loud and clear melody of natives' songs
Or the joyful and touching holy poems,
It must be the super singer DaDa!

One mosquito can defeat DaDa.
Two times of thunder light can frighten DaDa.
It was it is now
DaDa will be frightened sometimes!

One cup of instant noodle can make DaDa satisfied.
One piece of jelly cake can make DaDa happy.
It was it is now
DaDa is so easy to get along with.
Minami DaDa is just like you and me.
Happiness, anger, sorrows and joy will also naturally shown on her face.

The difference is
Your make up is for all human beings' wish
Your voice is to mend the broken net.
In your inner perfect world,
This material world is so imperfect.
So it'll make you scared!
There are some snacks to comfort you a bit.

DaDa is only an ordinary little woman.
There is no fake and pride on her face.
There is no apotheosis and praise for the idle.

However, you're really too ordinary.
I'm afraid people can't recognize you.
Though you have a pure and clean heart like an angel
Though you have a smile like a child,
However, how can people recognize you?
If I can, I really want to design
A pair of angel's wings
Which is big and white.
A halo of God
Which has seven colors like a rainbow.
They can make people recognize you at first sight
And people won't be the vagrant Mani Pearls anymore!

You're really too ordinary.
Without the magic power of Jesus
And the big belly like Maitreya.
No wonder they can't recognize you.

Fortunately, it's honor for me
To recognize your difference
From your kindness, generosity
From you eyes full of love
To those people who doubt you.

Oh! The most respectable DaDa,
Could you make me fully understand you?
Because it means to fully understand myself!

I want to tell you in whisper
I still love Minami DaDa
When you're in beautiful dress
When you're singing aloud
When you're naughty and shy
Because I remember forever
At the first sight I saw you,
Your holy love already defrost my stubborn and cold heart
Never put an end

kitty-4.jpg (20676 ??)

If you meet petite figure
With a long braid in front of the chest
Or the cute rosette on the head
In the elegant MinNan dress
It must be lovely Minami DaDa!

AMA ERICA 1999.8.10


I came to New Jerusalem

When Michelle was a kid, she often asked herself:" Where do I come from?"
When Michelle was a kid, she often looked at the mirror,
Look at the strange face inside the mirror and asked:" Who are you?"
Every time she came back from summer's camp, she would ask again:" Why had
yesterday's happiness gone today?"
When she looked at her kind father
She was so afraid her father would be gone tomorrow!

At the age of 18, it happened to Michelle
She lost her beloved father.
She was so annoyed for she couldn't repay her love to her father.
Until one day she read Buddhism classics
She realized what great filial piety is.
She finally can relax.

In 1999, Michelle came to New Jerusalem
And met DaDa Minami.
She solved all of my questions
And also let me repay the love for my father
And all human beings!

Ama Michelle


Minami DaDa's Holy Love

kitty-5.jpg (13793 ??)Since the book "DaDa and LaLa" published, maybe many readers took it as the mythology. When I met DaDa, I also though so. DaDa always smiled to me "This way is also good." Later on after I experienced by myself, I found "DaDa and LaLa" really opened a "special life" for me. What's more, DaDa is going to open "a special life" for every thirsty soul who wants to upgrade their spiritual energy very much. "DaDa and LaLa" is not only a mythology but also an original history of our universe. The lines of the content are like lyrics and the author
——Minami DaDa is going to announce the history of human's evolution and even the great plan of God in the past, present and the future. This great work not only discovers the unsolved mystery of ancient civilization but also reveals the unknown secrets in human's history.

What Minami DaDa said is the true mythology. What DaDa uses is the super consciousness from God. Minami DaDa's work is not from the collection of the materials. There was a professor talking about Green Island with DaDa. DaDa said Green Island appeared earlier than Taiwan. The professor was against DaDa's points of view. After verifying, the professor knew that DaDa was correct. DaDa said before 6000 years ago, DaDa and LaLa rode the Crownstone UFO to earth from the outer space. They landed on Taiwan (the second Mu continent in earth period. The first Mu continent
——Sanasai, is composed of Green Island, LanYu and Dibun) The place where the UFO landed is Crownstone Garden. It'll become the highest point in the world.

From DaDa's answer, we can know many unsolved mysteries for centuries. For example, where is Mu continent? What is the Crownstone on the top of pyramid? Who is the first human race on earth? DaDa solved these questions and they are also verified, such as "Crownstone Garden is the highest point on earth in the future". After DaDa telling us this viewpoint, there is a French geologist who has the same conclusion. DaDa said:" Puyuma is the earliest human race on earth." Soon after an archeologist and anthropologist also reported the same theory. We also read some magazines that reported "Mu continent is in Taiwan." DaDa's information is not through the scientific way to research or detect. This is what we called "the super consciousness and super science". Every time I heard the truth of the universe from DaDa, what DaDa said would be verified after all. It's really incredible!

We are so glad DaDa can stay on earth at the end of this century. I'm also so glad to follow DaDa to make efforts for human's spirits. However, we're so sad for DaDa will leave us one day because DaDa said:" after finishing the job in this world, I'll be in nirvana (the same with death) and I'll go to the other space to work." DaDa is a quiet worker. She doesn't ask for fame and benefits or show-off. We're like one family to care each other. DaDa spends all her energy to teach us and doesn't ask any reward. Now we understand "DaDa's method without method" gives us the greatest power and the holiest gift in the universe. You don't have to pray her but DaDa will give the precious power to you. This kind of power can only be compared with the love of AmaMumu. Anyone who hears Minami DaDa can also have the incredible blessing. DaDa is in one body with Amamumu so her power can spread everywhere. Her name is like the breeze, rain, sun and air around us. DaDa's love takes care every sentient being on earth. DaDa is like Hello Kitty in everyone's heart.

Ama John 1999.9.9


Minami DaDa——The Peace Angel "NANINA"

Brings the Gift from God for Human Beings——"The Method without Method"

Minami DaDa is going to lead all human beings to pass "Great Birth" safely with God's mission, with the direct power from God——"the method without method". Minami DaDa doesn't teach any method. However, if describing by worldly language, we can call it "the method without method". It's beyond the range that brain can build up, language, words and any outside form in this material world. It's without the terms and relativity. It's the power delivering directly beyond the brain. Anyone who sees Minami DaDa is lucky. This kind of power is mentioned in Maitreya's classic:" Anyone who sees Maitreya can get the power to open the wisdom eye." At the end of this century, the key moment when earth is going to transform, only by this kind of power can our wisdom eyes be opened to see the truth of the universe.

The "Inner Work" of Minami DaDa

I was so fortunately to come to Crownstone Garden. After a few days, I finally knew Crownstone Garden is "New Jerusalem" in Bible, the Holy Land at the end of this century. And what Minami DaDa acts is the role of "Peace Angel"——NANINA, to eliminate the disasters for the world.

"ELNINO" is the situation of disaster caused by the karma in SaHa world. "NANINA" is Minami DaDa's work
——to eliminate or minimize the disasters for all human beings. The one who achieves God's realization has the light and his magnetic field can solve the huge karma, the negative energy. The negative energy is the root of disasters. Minami DaDa went all over the world. There're always some strange weather phenomenon happening when DaDa came. For example, when DaDa came to South Africa, it rained a lot suddenly. The local people were so surprised and said:" It never rains in summer."; In Bangladesh, it had not rained for six months. When DaDa arrived, it rained cats and dogs immediately. The local guide kneed down on the ground, because he knew it's DaDa who brought God's grace; Few months ago, DaDa came to Pekin. And due to Greenhouse effect, the temperature of the ground rose to 60 degree Celsius. When DaDa got off the airplane, it rained a lot at once and the temperature dropped down immediately. The taxi driver was astonished and said:" It's so incredible. Maybe it's going to the end of the world!" He didn't know DaDa's coming washed away the karma and hot weather.

On the morning at Nov. 2nd, DaDa told us to go out immediately for the "inner work". We didn't know where we're going. When we entered Hualien, it rained and appeared the big fog. DaDa told us once: "The earthquake will keep on happening, but God will move it to the sea to minimize the disaster." We drove in the eastern highway No. 11 along the east seashore when we came back. We stopped at the "eight fairies hole" in "ChenKon" of Taitung and went inside the road of "ChenKon". When we came back home, it's already 10 p.m in the evening. The incredible thing happened
——at two o'clock in the morning, the big earthquake occurred under the eastern sea but no one got hurt. I finally knew why DaDa asked us to go out immediately and the emergency of inner work this time.

DaDa hopes people to use herself well, the tool of God, to bring the largest welfare for all human beings. However, in this world, human have to ask God for the help or DaDa can do nothing for this world. Looking at so many disasters happening all over the world, DaDa's so worried and nervous, because without people's eager, what DaDa can do is limited. In Crownstone Garden, we don't receive anyone's donation, because without having the same ideal and correct concept, the money can't do any good for human beings. So we use our own money from Fan Family to make efforts to this world. DaDa said:" Even if we have only one dollar left, when people need, we'll give it to them."

After meeting DaDa, I knew the mission and the duty of my life. I also thank God for making me find a person to open my wisdom eye. What I do right now is also the work I'm longing to do in my sub consciousness. Here I am to hope everyone who is also looking for the answer like me to come here. Because this kind of longing is the seed sowed by God, and the seed will be finally in blossom of wisdom and to be devoted to human beings. I hope you can also be one part of Fan Family and look forward to your coming!

Ama Michelle 1999.11.8