I Join the Fan Family

family-1.jpg (15900 ??)I Join the Fan Family At the first time, I accidentally saw "Fan Universal Net" and I was attracted immediately, so I hurried to visit DaDa in Crownstone Garden.

At the second time, I had six holidays so I lived here for six days. At the third time, I didn't want to go away anymore for I can't believe there should be such a place just like paradise!

In Crownstone Garden, we sleep inside the tents in the wooden pavilion. If we're tired, we take a rest in the suspending beds to watch the beautiful clouds. It's really so comfortable. We're all the vegetarians. What we eat is all from the nature. We plant melons, beans and vegetable. If we're free, we'll pick some wide vegetable. It is all the organism vegetable without any chemical pollution. We have to learn a lot of things such as taking the hoe to plant vegetable, digging the bamboo shoots and picking the fruits from the trees. Beside my pavilion, there is a bunch of tall and big bamboo. Everyday I hear the music when they are moved by the wind. The sound of the music seems from the aeolian bell or the xylophone. I can't describe how wonderful it is. The animals in Crownstone Garden are also very intelligent. For example, "DuDu" (the lizard with yellow thread on his back) seem they know the nickname. Everything I call them, they will stop and if you go one step, he will go one step, too. It seems they like to play with you. Sometimes, they will perform sliding through a board and push-up. Every time they make us laugh very loudly.

family-2.jpg (16350 ??)In Crownstone Garden, such a pure and clean environment, everyone can develop his own talent. I also learn the great love for all sentient beings different from the selfish love. I finally found there is the power of great love in everyone's heart. And as long as you will, everyone can walk out of the space of selfish love. So that our heart won't be like the birds in the cage to waste the wing of freedom given by God. Though Fan family is a small family but also a big family to care about all family in the universe. Every family has close relationship with the universe. If every family is happy and peaceful, then there'll no breaking hole of the universe. The world will be peaceful naturally.

I thank all the members in Fan family. I also hope through our web site, everyone can know a brand new life style because God gives not only the material world but also a free heart. This free heart can create a universe!

Ama Michelle


The Wise fools

family-3.jpg (11098 ??)Friends said:" We're wise fools." Yes, we "Fan Families" are all the "wise fools" who threw away the good salary, and went to Crownstone Garden with simple luggage and little money.

We build the wooden pavilions, wooden houses, plant some vegetable and many kinds of fruits to lead a simple and comfortable life. Of course, we like this kind of life. However, we don't escape from this world. On the contrary, we make efforts towards the same goal very positively and we set up "Fan Universal Net" to deliver the universal news for all over the world. We hope we can devote some of our experience as being spiritual practitioners to you.

It's not so easy to become one of our families. At first, our parents didn't understand why we gave up the good salary and moved to the mountain. However, when they went to Crownstone Garden and lived with us, they knew how happy it was to live in Crownstone, such like a paradise! So they join us, cook their best dishes, do the house working, cultivate the farm and plant the vegetables
?etc. We all become a big and happy family after all.

family-4.jpg (13106 ??)Though we're all young people, we don't care the pressure from this world. Everyone here practices their spirits very hard for the disciplines here are very serious. Anyone who wants to become one of our members has to pass many tests to be qualified to become one member in Crownstone Garden.

Here, DaDa takes herself as an example to teach us to learn "how to practice our spirits by ourselves". For example, at the beginning when we joined Fan Families, all of our trash inside our heart threw away very fast. It's DaDa's incredible power to make it happen. Later on, by some chances DaDa told us when we saw anything undone, we had to do it immediately. That is "practice spirits by yourself". We have a lot of examples here. We can learn a lot of things and don't have to be afraid there's nothing to learn when you live here!

Besides, we have a "devil leader"
——Ama Shiu. What he asks for everyone is so serious, especially to DaDa. Though he's so serious, he loves everyone. At beginning, maybe you won't be used to his way to teach us; however, when we grew up, we thank him very much.

family-5.jpg (11770 ??)There are not only the ten members and our parents in Fan Families but also a lot of animals such as Ponchi (squirrel), little Green (snake), little Flower (snake), DuDu (little lizard), little chicken, little butterfly and many kinds of angel birds. They all belong to our families.

One day, we all families went to Dibun hot spring to go swimming. Before we went out, there was a friend calling us and I told him:" We would go out later." He said:" Then there's no one at home." I told him:" Little Green and little Flower were home."

family-6.jpg (11203 ??)In the evening when we came back and opened the door, we saw little Green stayed in the door side. We told little Green:" You're doing a good job." What's more, little Green's child--"little little Green" was also with spirituality. On Aug. 8th, we celebrated the anniversary for Fan Universal Net. She also attached on one bamboo and bent her soft body to form the shape of "8" to celebrate with us.

There're also big animals in Crownstone Garden, especially the big Nono (the giant snake). When you meet her, you won't be afraid of her for she always crawls very peacefully and lovely. I love Crownstone Garden and every living creature here. Fan Families belong to everyone and all human beings. Welcome to join our universal family.

The following is the way of our life:

Food Natural vegetable plant
Clothes the clothes made of cotton and linen
Shelter the wooden pavilion and tents
Transportation by bicycle and walk
The schedule of our daily life We wake up at 5 am. We don't sleep at daytime and go to bed at 11pm. We eat two meals one day at 10 am and 5 pm.

Ama Jiou Jiou
1999.10.10 at "The Land of Rising Sun"


The Whole World is a Big Family

Fan Universal Net has moved in KuanShan for two years already. In some residents' impression, there're a bunch of spiritual practitioners, who live in the deep mountain, who are vegetarians, and plant the vegetable for them to eat. They don't know which religion of believers we belong to 'cause we don't receive any donation from outside. Everyone is so curious about us. After contacting with us, they know we're called "Fan Universal Family."

Now there're ten members of Fan Universal Family" who live in Crownstone Garden. Including our parents and little animals, we become Fan Universal Net. DaDa has said:" Fan Universal Net is a start. It can string up the whole universe and lets every small family unite together and become a big family." A few days ago, DaDa and I went to Peinan Cultural Park and visited a song composer, Tze-Shin Lin, who was a Peinan native. DaDa gave him a book "First Rays of Millennium" and signed her name on it. At that time, DaDa asked him:" How should I call you?" Mr. Lin answered very humorously:" Just called me Cousin Lin." After hearing his answer, DaDa felt very surprised and said:" We Fan Universal Family just needed this kind of familiar way to call our members."

Because of Cousin Lin's advise, it reminds us in fact the whole world is from the same family. We're the brothers and sisters from God. DaDa told us:" The universe was a big family. Every sentient being is the relative of Fan Universal Family." So we think of a good idea to call everyone. That is if your age is under 55, you're called cousin. If your age is between 55-70, you're called uncle or aunt. If your age is over 70, you're called grandfather or grandmother. With these familiar names, there're no distance and distinction between us. Without the titles of this world, we become closer among people. Later on, we asked DaDa:" What should we call you?" DaDa answered very innocently:" I liked you called me Cousin DaDa 'cause I was the youngest. I was only 15 years old." So every relative in our website, please choose one of your names when you want to leave message on our website. For example, Uncle Lin, Auntie Liu...etc. By the way, every grandpa, grandma, uncle, auntie and cousin, you can ask Cousin DaDa anything you don't know 'cause our Cousin DaDa has a wisdom dragon-pearl and she is so glad to answer your question.

We Fan Universal Family hope the whole world can become our members. Because in one family, there're no limits of nationalities, races and religions, we'll respect everyone one another and everyone here is equal. We love every brother and sister and don't want to fight with others. By this way, we can develop our small love for our own families or countries to the great love to every sentient being in the universe. We hope from the year 2000 that is going to step into Golden World, we can find out our lost brothers and sisters and treat every sentient being as your own family member. Anyone who has seen our website can connect with Fan Universal Family, and because of your delivering our good news, people around you also become one part of us. Furthermore, our alien relatives will also join us very soon so that the dream "We are the Universe" among the planets will come true sooner or later.