The 500 Days in the Boarder of Golden World——God's Grace

Merciful God moves the earth step by step to the boarder of Golden World so the "Great Cross" (Great Birth) delays 500 days to make people have more time to prepare before "Great Birth". (If the "Great Birth" comes right now, many human beings will die in mother's womb.)

Fortunately, the earth started its engine very smoothly from the steady condition on Aug. 8th and on Aug. 18th, the earth moved from the central point of the Great Cross to stop the terrible disaster temporarily.

If at the key moment of Great Birth, people still keep an eye on the material world and their energy is not enough to fit the magnetic field of Golden World, the world will become just like Norstradamus said in his book "the world full of the monsters". The "monsters" are the "animal people" described by Minami DaDa. And people who die in Great Birth will become the vagrant Mani pearls to wait for the next evolution. If so, there're only little people left after eliminating. It's really a disaster during the history of human's evolution! So these 500 days are really God's grace for all human beings.

The position of earth is located at the same place with "gods and goddess" world. Earth moved from the lowest level of universal necklace to the upper space so right now we human beings at different space since Aug. 8th. The color of the sky changed and the shape of the clouds is also like the clouds in the picture of mythology. The space changed and the magnetic field is also upgraded but people's eye still put on the material world. Last two week DaDa and I went to Kouhsuang, it appeared a giant rainbow surrounding the sun. However, there is no one to care about the change of the sky but us. We can only say for the daily routines, the reality makes people sight shorted. They forget to see the beautiful sky, forget we are now located in the universe and forget we're the masters of our spirit.

In the oven of SaHa world, the eve of Great Birth, we're so lucky to be human beings. Just like DaDa said:" The spikes of our spirit are mature already. It's time to wait the Angel to harvest." At this key moment, we can't let the locusts to eat the spikes. Hurry up to discover the real faces of our Buddha's heart and upgrade our spiritual energy. When the earth formally enter Golden World, we can fortunately to be a "new earthlings" in Golden World!


Introspection After Earthquake——Heart Can Create Heaven and Hell

born-1.jpg (11414 ??)In the evening of Sep. 21st , the strongest earthquake around this one hundred years happened in Taiwan. It also shocked whole the world. The search parties from all over the world came to Taiwan very quickly. Here I am to thank all the members of the parties——Thank you for you're the best children of God and it lets us know God is always watching us at any time in any place. Thank you very much.

born-2.jpg (10362 ??)Meanwhile, because of this disaster, Taiwanese is awoken and know how precious it is to be alive. Many brothers and sisters from all over the world donate their salary to help Taiwan to stand up from the disaster. We all see the bright side of humanity. It's quite a long time for us not to see this view
——everyone is like one of our families to pass this hard test hand in hand. However, I wonder how long it is to keep this kind of feelings? One month? Two month? What's more, because of the pressure of reality, everyone has to go back the stage of reality. People will chase the power and benefit again. At last, maybe God will use the last cruel method to give human a teaching which we don't want to see to remind us not to go far away from God's road and find way home quickly.

born-3.jpg (13876 ??)Indeed, this earthquake let Taiwanese know what the hell looks like in this world. The scenes of the earthquake only can be seen in the disaster movie before. However, in the early morning of Sep. 21st, we saw the terrible picture on TV. We want to ask:" why does God play such a big joke with us?" Some people might think: we don't do anything wrong in my whole life. Why do I suffer such a great disaster? It makes me remind of one thing: last year I bought something in Taipei. Someone said there would be a great earthquake in Taipei. The boss of the shop said:" it's impossible. There won't be any earthquake happening in Taipei. I don't believe that." Now the earthquake did happen. I wonder what the boss thought after this earthquake.

born-4.jpg (8125 ??)Now we live in the ever-changing world. There is no one and nothing staying forever. This ever-changing world is also made by our illusion. Just like a proverb from Buddhism classics:" The guilty is made from the heart and also disappears from the heart." All the positive and negative power in this world is made by our own. Frankly speaking, everything is made by heart. Your heart can create heaven and hell. Every time we see the pictures from the TV—— wars, diseases and famine are also made from our eyes, ears, noses, tongues and consciousness. These are some examples of "everything is made by heart". I believe you have more example than I and I just talk about what I think through our web site. Whether is correct or not depends on your own judge of your wisdom.

born-5.jpg (9573 ??)In every corner all over the world, every day we almost have the chance to see the x-rated pictures, posters, magazines or movies. In order to make money, some people use all of these to draw people's attention so what we see, hear, think and do is easily influenced by the negative thoughts. Think about that: if we project such negative ideas in this space to make this space full of "lust" how many people won't be influenced by this kind of atmosphere? And the morality of our children will also degenerate. If we don't provide a very clear and positive environment for next generation, how can our future be better? I remember there's a TV program
——someone used his consciousness to bend the spoon. It shows that if you use your idea in wrong place, it'll absolutely influence our life and environment. People who live in such negative space can do the wrong thing easily. Moreover, there're more than billions of people everyday to project the ideas that are not very clear. To sum up, "consciousness" is so important and I truly hope that all human beings can upgrade their spiritual level as soon as possible.

Let's think about this topic
——the main course of disaster is "killing lives". It's also the last thing people want to think about but the most important key point. It makes people complain God when they suffer the pain of disasters. When some holidays come or some people get married, there're always a lot of animals killed to be the dishes on the table. When I drive on the highway, I always see the trunks full of the chickens, pigs, cow... It really makes me so sad and unable to concentrate on driving for there is full of the atmosphere of hatred from the animals.

I often go abroad to work. Sometimes I can see the "black energetic particles" in the air in the up side of some cities. They are "negative energetic particles". When killing karma is too much, it will produce the negative power. Sometimes, the airplane will be influenced by it and if there is too much negative power, I can hardly breathe. We can't see the "black energetic particles" by our physical eyes. Some people whose magnetic field is more sensitive can feel it. Some cities with little killing karma will have comfortable and positive energetic particles.

Sometimes we hear some places where many people died injustice or died in the wars, there'll always an uncomfortable atmosphere. One time I went to Japan to visit my friend. She has the ESP and she pointed a stone and said to me:" This stone is different from others." I can't see anything wrong from this stone. At last she told me, when she touched the stone, she got numbed right away. It seemed there are thousands of kilometers pressing on her body and she could see the scene of the disaster from the stone. There're many people losing their lives in the disaster. Finally, I knew that stone was called "lapillus". It was jumped from the volcano when it erupted many years ago. There're a lot of poor ghosts asking for help. The friend was also crying and she asked God to save them as soon as possible one day.

One time I went to Egypt to visit the bottom of the pyramid. I heard that when the pyramid closed, there're a lot of living people buried under the ground for thousands of years and unable to reincarnate. When my friend came down, there're a lot of crying ghosts asking for help. When she came up, she could hardly walk for the heavy negative power on her body. The ones who companied with her also heard the crying of the ghosts. I have a lot of examples like this. Of course, many strange things happen every day in the world. People seem indifferent and use this way to treat others and our surroundings.

Today people can't use the love of brotherhood to treat the animals. Please think about this question
——maybe the animals are also scared to die. There is one story: when the Indian chase the animal but fail, they'll give up and stop chasing. They know even if they catch the animal, they can't eat it because when the animal is going to be killed, it'll be very scared——it's just like the earthquake happened to Taiwan. The one who wants to escape must be very nervous and scared. This kind of experience of dying is hardly known by others. So the Indian know the animals will produce a kind of poison when they're being killed. It's also the reason why people who like to eat meat will have more chance to get cancer. Please think this simple question: when animals are going to be killed, won't they be scared? The situation is just like people who want to escape from the earthquake. No matter human or the ones who wear the animal's coats temporarily, all of them are God's children. Animals are like human beings full of the quality of Buddha. The difference is the karma makes them have different figures.

Animals also have the scared heart like us. So when we kill one animal for our appetite, we also produce the negative power in this space. By this way, human beings produce numberless black energetic particles in the air 24 hours. These black energetic particles can't be seen by our physical eyes. However, when they gather together at certain degree and they'll cause the wars and natural disasters. Maybe God makes people and animals exchange the roles and let human beings learn how the animals feel from the disasters and wars. If human beings can't learn the teaching, the wars, natural disasters and famine will happen again and again until we know the cause and effect. This decision is made by us and we're also the director to control whole the play.

Sometimes when I chat with friends, I always mention this topic. Most people know it's good to be a vegetarian and can receive this concept. However, it's impossible for them to practice. They always say: "It's not convenient" or "Let the fate take its course." Do you ever think because of these reasons, how many animals are eaten by us? Sometimes the reason is just the excuse. If this time after the earthquake the one in charge of the construction of the crash building says:" Let fate take its course." Or the governors say:" Let fate take its course." "It's ok to deal with it slowly." I think no one will agree this opinion. So if we say:" Let fate take its course" to face the animals, how many animals will be killed by these words? Why don't we just treat animals like ourselves. If we can't wake up after the earthquake, I think God will arrange some game that you can't imagine to let human experience the misery of animals.

born-6.jpg (13961 ??)This earthquake was not detected beforehand. That is to say, anything about cause-and-effect can't be detected by modern science. I don't mean to be against the donation of science in this world. I can only say there is another inner world and outer space world unable to be detected by scientific equipments. Everyone has a super science equipment than modern science inside their heart. Of course, we can develop more advance equipment. However, some world can't be seen even with the most advanced telescope and even the most advance UFO can't go inside. This kind of power is given by God in everyone's heart. Only with this power can we go to the incredible world that can't be described by the words. That is also the world we have to discover as we're human beings. We don't just live in this material world.

born-7.jpg (12968 ??)At the beginning of this chapter, I said human beings produce the wars, disasters and famine by their own will. So if you want to cut the trap of reincarnation, you have to cut the "killing karma"——no matter directly or indirectly. Later on, you have to upgrade the inner positive power of your own. Only this way can make you get rid of the trap of reincarnation.

I just provide some of my own opinions. It's nothing to do with religion. It's only the common sense for you to be a human being. No matter you believe cause and effect or not, you have to walk on your road. No one can interfere your chosen way and no one can be responsible for your own karma.


God Is Crying

born-8.jpg (8595 ??)Someone said:" What's the use for DaDa to set up the web site? It's God's duty to save the sentient beings." Yes! No matter what I DaDa explain the good news of Great Birth, the ones who hear this are quite few. It's just like I DaDa see God wants to save His children but how many people want to give their hands to God? God is crying?Children really can't understand His language.

God is crying
?DaDa is crying, too before and after each of the disasters. How many old souls——the Buddha and Angels died in the disasters? Because only the old soul have the brave heart to face the disasters. After the great disasters, the children of God finally can understand God's words and create new power from the sorrows.

God says:" Children, you have to keep in mind that the new power is born from the mercy."

I, DaDa had said:" Everyone has an animal body. When one person's animal body is shot in somewhere in this world, this person will be dead." However, how many animals are killed everyday? Have you ever thought they pass their lifetime in sorrow everyday? They're also flesh and blood. They're the lives who can also feel pain and scared.

Mercy is the spring of love. If we want to welcome "Great Birth" in the coming millennium without any disasters, please protect animals, do not kill lives and to be merciful to the animals. I, DaDa pray for the ones who still eat animals' meat and I hope you "put down the killing knives" as soon as possible. Thank you!

DaDa 1999.10.05 in Crownstone Garden


The Only Safe Way——To Live in God's Road (For the ones who suffer in 921 earthquake in Taiwan)

DaDa said:" The only safe way is to live in God's road. If you don't, it's dangerous everywhere." 921 earthquake proofs this reason. Many old souls who were Buddhisattva and Angels sacrificed in this earthquake. Many people not only lost their families and some of them lost their houses but also they have to bear the pain to make money to pay the loan of the houses. Some people blame the government and some people blame God. It seems that this cruel script, there're still some people not knowing its name——"Nothing will stay forever."

To live in this "ever-changing" world is not safe. Who can predict the rich Taiwanese started to live in the tents and army camp after earthquake? Someone slept in the warm quilt but woke up in the rubble and families were all gone. Taiwanese were so fortunate to enjoy everything in Taiwan. When we enjoy this fortune, maybe we don't have time to think about what is "nothing will stay forever"? However, after 921 earthquake shall we think about this question?

I believe many people do think about it but when they face this realistic world, it's useless to know this reason. They still have to make money to keep their life. "It's safe to live in God's road, but how can we live without making money? And where is God's road?" Here I am to provide a way that is introduced very clearly in our new web site. Allow me to repeat again: "The life of material world is going to change very soon. You have to choose another new life for yourself. This kind of new life is what we called "Natural Energy Life". It means to discover the universal wisdom and to upgrade your spiritual energy from daily life such as clothes, food, shelter, transportation, music and art. It's not only very safe but also makes you to lead a golden heaven's life before Golden World beforehand.

In fact, these transformation of earth and disasters DaDa had mentioned a lot in our web site. The file "The Eliminator for Millennium's Disaster
——Do not eat meat" tells you the importance to be a vegetarian. In the new file "How to Prevent Disaster in the Air", we reminded people if we don't stop killing, it'll be like the prophets in Bible—— either the Y2K or the other causes will make the disasters in the air. What a coincident! China Airline MD11 airplane turned over in Hong Kong next day for the reason of typhoon. After the earthquake in Turkey that made 30,000 people died terribly, it happened to Greece, Taiwan, Iran and Mexico by turns. These are what DaDa said in our web site——"the pangs of childbirth before Great Birth". DaDa said:" because of the changing of earth, the movement of earth's crust must be composed again. And the disasters caused by the movement can be minimized. However, human beings don't cooperate and keep produce the killing karma so the disasters will happen again and again."

Few weeks ago, the landslide in Tainan made the fall of a lattice steel tower. The dislocation of slip-off slope in western Taiwan and this time the collapse of houses in Nantou, Shintswan and Taichung reminded what we mentioned in our web site. Last time the power failure in all Taiwan, the explosion of wine factory, the collapse of houses all told us one thing
——those negative production produced in SaHa world is going to pass away. You don't have to chase those useless things that will become bubbles very soon. The game of material world is over. The coming new life we have to learn is the life of "Golden World". All human beings will come to Holy Land to make preparation and to receive the baptized wash. It's not religion but the great revolution in human's evolution. You can check the detail in our new web site.

Taiwan is like the heart of earth and it's the first Mu continent in earth period. If the heart stops and the whole earth will crash very easily. This earthquake made Taiwan become the focus in the world. People from all over the world developed their brotherhood to help Taiwan. DaDa said:" The positive energy of whole world upgraded a lot. Some people also upgraded their spiritual energy for living in the tents." Every Taiwanese after 921 earthquake
?though our home broke very terribly, the worst thing is that we don't know what God wants to tell us from this earthquake. He designs a more beautiful world for all human beings. The disasters are the rule of this cause-and-effect world. God loves each one of us. It's because we make the cause so we deserve the effect! To sum up, to live in the way of God is safe. This "way" is "Natural Energy Life" introduced in our web site. The world is going to change. We human have to keep the speed. Welcome to the Holy Land on earth——"The Land of Rising Sun" in Kuanshan, Taiwan, to be baptized and learn the new life style with natural energy. We invite you to join us sincerely!