The Ones Who Achieve God's Realization Won't be Changed by the Fate

The answer to "Is the earthquake the pangs of childbirth in Taiwan?" "Can I just eat the vegetable inside the meat dishes?"

Answer: At first, thank you for caring about our web site so much, and I'm happy for you that you can practice your spirits in Hualien for it means "the best lotus". It's a good place. Congratulation!

As to the strong earthquake in Taiwan, I believe you have the same idea with me. Everyone hopes the ones who suffer in this disaster can build their home again and stand up by the help of the government and the charity organization as soon as possible.

I advise you to check our new chapter "Introspection after earthquake——Heart can create heaven and hell". Maybe you can find the answer about the earthquake. Now I provide some of my opinions. Maybe you can take it as a reference.

921 earthquake is indeed the pangs of childbirth. However, the degree of the pain can be decided by all human beings whether it's serious or not. How to prevent the disaster? DaDa talked about a lot in our web site. You can check the content. Nevertheless, people don't believe the information we deliver in our web site, so people have to go through a lot of teachings to understand the illusion of this ever- changing world. These teachings always make us lose a lot of precious lives. So you can't tell how serious it is for us to pay this price!

In the new chapter "Introspection after earthquake——Heart can create heaven and hell", we talked about the importance of being a vegetarian. As the proverb says:" All of the Buddhist principles relate with world." It means as long as we stay in this world but get ride of the pollution of heart, we can share our inner developed wisdom to all the sentient beings all over the world." It doesn't mean to escape from the society. To be a human being——the basic principle is to have a merciful heart. It means not to kill the lives. I think you won't agree "I already try my best" these words can save the poor animals! It's not a logical viewpoint. "To eat vegetable inside the meat dishes" is an old question. If you always want to be the one who just floats with this world, I have nothing to say. However, if you want the absolutely liberation, maybe you're far away from your goal. I take some examples to give you some reference: if we cook the vegetable with poison, and after cooking, you can't say the vegetable is ok to eat. If so, your name will be on the list of the emergency room. From the viewpoint of a man who achieves God's realization, the meat is more poisonous than the real poison. It's just because people don't want to think this serious problem, they're cheated by the illusion of their brain. However, I can't promise it's ok to eat meat if the circumstances don't allow you to do so. If under this kind of situation, I can only say "let fate take its course" because everyone has to walk their own way. No one can do it for you. It's just like the ones who died in this earthquake. Even if their families want to bear the cause and effect for them, they can't do it for everyone has to be responsible for their own karma.

There was a famous monk in China——TanShanTsan went to India to get the Buddhist classics. During the trip, there was a man giving a ginseng for him. Tan dare not to eat for the shape of the ginseng was like a baby. The mercy of Tan is from the deep side of his heart. It's the true merciful feeling to all sentient beings and it's not the platitude we often say "merciful heart". A ginseng can make him feel it's like a baby. We can see the difference between a normal person and a man who achieves God's realization. We can't see our relatives or friends being killed and do nothing. And it's the last thing for us to hurt them by ourselves. I think you might agree what I say. As you say:" Being a man, you must have the merciful heart." So if you treat the animals like your families or friends, you'll never hurt them even kill them under any circumstances. And you also don't allow people to hurt them or make them become the sacrifice in people's stomach. So what you say below:" The great merciful heart—— not to kill lives, doesn't change" is so far away from the real merciful heart. Many people say:" Practice spirits, merciful love and save the sentient beings?" Maybe most of them don't understand the real meaning of these words for they're cheated by their brain and they don't know. I think when we don't really have "inner upgrade" and "the true merciful feeling to all sentient beings", watch out the devil's trap and the brain's illusion in the ever-changing world. In this world, there're a lot of persons knowing the rule but there're few persons to practice. So you'll know the totally difference between "to know" and "to practice". I don't know whether or not I misunderstand what you say "the great merciful heart". If any words to offend you, I'm so sorry about that.

There is another story: one day, a hunter went hunting in the mountain. He shot a deer and when he's going to take this deer home, he met a monk. The monk said:" Let the deer go!" for he saw the painful looking of the deer. However the hunter was not willing to do it. So the monk couldn't help but use his own strength to transfer the pain of the deer to the hunter. The hunter fell to the ground and felt very painful. After that, the monk transferred the pain to deer again. The monk said:" Did you feel the pain when you fell on the ground? Don't produce the karma or next time you'll taste the pain when you're shot by others." The hunter thanked the monk and didn't go hunting anymore.

This story tells us one point——because we don't totally develop our wisdom, we don't know the cause and effect in this world. When we deserve the effect, we complain God when these misfortunes happen to them and say we don't do anything wrong in my whole life, why should I deserve this? What I mention is only in the range of "mouth". There are also "ear", "nose", "body" and "consciousness" influencing the development of our heart and soul. However, these are not in today's topic so I don't explain the meaning of these words. If we want to upgrade the magnetic field of our earth, the first thing is to develop our inner spiritual level or anything is unnecessary to talk about.

So if your wisdom is developed at certain degree, you'll know the rules of this ever-changing world. You can also say:" The one who achieves God's realization won't be changed by fate." They won't give in the customs and world daily routines and lead their life more comfortable with more liberation. You can choose which way you want to be.

Since Aug. 8th, earth went into the boarder of Golden World. There'll be 500 days for human beings to get prepared for Great Birth. The degree of the pangs of childbirth depends on our efforts. There'll be great changes in the coming 500 days. You can choose which way you want to be. If you don't prepare, you'll become the "animal man" and this world will become the world described in the book "Century" by Norstadamas "full of animals".

Let we all human beings make efforts for the coming "Great Birth", shall we? I hope at that time all human beings can enter "Golden World" to lead a Golden heaven life. Here I am to invite you to join this holy work and to devote your sincere heart for the most beautiful earth in the universe.