Minami DaDa Gives a New-Year Present to All Human Beings
——We Can Call Her “Mother DaDa!”

2000-3.jpg (15082 ??)“Ama Minami Mumu!” (New Millennium greetings) “Happy Millennium!” Every friend in Fan Universal Net. Our Lucky 7 Earth formally entered the year 2000. This new year is quite special. It represents because of the efforts of all human beings, our Lucky 7 Earth left the space of SaHa world and is getting closer to the “Golden World.” Minami DaDa also gives a big present to all human beings——We can call her “Mother DaDa!”

Minami DaDa said:” After entering the boarder of 1999 and 2000, people’s super consciousness can be turn on very easily.” So Minami DaDa told us at the first day of Chinese New Year:” From now on, you could call me Mother DaDa.” This name is the blessing and fortune from AmaMumu to all human beings. This present brings the power of AmaMumu to make you upgrade your wisdom and turn on your super consciousness. This name is meaningful. Anyone who trusts in Mother DaDa can have the chance to upgrade his or her spiritual energy, turn on the super consciousness and achieve “super material body.”

Minami DaDa plays the role as human beings’ mother since Holy Globe Period. It also describes in Chapter Nine of “DaDa and LaLa”:” … the Supreme Mother is “AmaMumu.” Every energetic body She creates is huge Mani Pearl. Every huge Mani Pearl has a mother with image (outside mother). A outside physical mother is created by AmaMumu…” Minami DaDa is the physical mother created by AmaMumu. “Mother DaDa” has the same great love with AmaMumu and takes care with every little Mani Pearl child in Holy Globe Period and Earth Period. At this splendid moment, we finally can meet our real mother who gives birth to us and can call her “Mother DaDa” at last.

“Mother DaDa” is just Mother Earth. “Mother DaDa’s” body stands for our earth we live in. “Mother DaDa” bears the pain quietly when we hurt the earth. Every time when there’s a war or disaster, “Mother DaDa” has to bear the huge pain with her physical body. In Mother DaDa’s heart, every human being is her beloved baby. All she wants is let every child pass “Great Birth” very safely. Every elder brother and sister who understands this should protect our earth so that Mother DaDa can have more strength to take care more babies who need help. Here I am to thank “Mother DaDa” who gives us so many teachings and to stand for every Mani Pearl child to say:” Mother DaDa, we love you!”

Ama Michelle 2000.3.14


Great Prayers

Pray for the light of kindness from God
From the origin of God
Fall into our heart.

Pray for Maitreya return to this world
To save sentient beings.

Pray for Maitreya return to this world
To liberate sentient beings.

Wish by God's will from the center of the universe
We can be given the power.

Wish we can make efforts to let evilness out of the door
To create fortunate future.


Prayers at the End of this Century

2000-2.jpg (15668 ??)

Any lonely sailboat in the sea,
Any harbor in the corners,
God must receive your prayers inside your heart.
Please pick up the letter in the bottle,
To hear the voice from original hometown.

Only for the prayer to serve God wholeheartedly,
God asks the Peace Angel in the universe
——Minami DaDa
To love sentient beings as she loves God.
From that time Minami DaDa started to bear the heavy burden in the universe
With her petite figure.

Were if it not for the most innocent spirit in the universe,
How can Minami DaDa receive the most original and endless power?

Were if it not for the greatest prayer,
How can she see through all the sentient beings in the universe
With her shy and merciful eyes?

Were if it not for the holiest soul,
How can she wash the karma with her soft and beautiful voice?

Minami DaDa inherits all the Saints' wishes
To complete the last mission in the SaHa world.
Any one who hears DaDa's name is lucky
Because you can stop searching since the ancient time.
Minami DaDa is just the angel Jesus said in the Bible at last.
Minami DaDa is Maitreya praised by Sakyamuni in the Buddhism classics.

Minami DaDa has come to the "Land of Rising Sun" in the Bible.
The light of truth has projected to the west from the east like lightning.
Minami DaDa has already found the "Wing's Head Town" in Buddhism classics.
The scene of "Buddha's Reunion" is going to show up.

Santa Claus's gifts are full of her bag,
And she already delivers them silently all over the world.
We're already the lucky ones who receive the gifts already.
We don't want to enjoy the gifts by ourselves,
So we hope to share with all the sentient beings.
And hope this world goes into Golden World as soon as possible.

Any vagrant one in the crowd,
Any sentient being struggling in the corners,
Minami DaDa has already heard your call from the deep of your spirit.
Please walk toward the Land of Rising Sun
To receive the light of enlightenment which belongs to you already.

Ama John 1999.11.10

The Buddha's Reunion in A.D 2000

The Buddha's Reunion in A.D 2000 The left foot of "The Land of Rising Sun"
——"Crownstone Garden" steps on TsiSun. Its right foot steps on KuanShan and DienKuan is on its head. In the back of it is the Seashore Mt. (the Green Dragon Mt.). In front of it is the Central Mountain. It's a Holy Land with quite special surrounding. There is a little brook between TsiSun and KuanShan. "Crownstone Garden" is beside the boarder. For a long time, since there're a lot of high mountains around Taitung which are the obstacles for the transportation, Crownstone Garden can keeps the original geological face until now. Though there were already some residents since Chin Dynasty, however, there is few interference from outside world and until now the residents still keep a innocent, plain and honest heart. When the Japanese occupied Taiwan, these residents were still very brave to protect this Holy Land. Japanese ingeniously called this place "Zitsu" (means "The Land of Rising Sun"). The boarder of "Zitsu" was far from "Luyeh".

The classics of Maitreya writes" After a long time, there'll a town named TsiTou." "TsiTou" means "the head with wings". It's just "The Land of Rising Sun". In the book "DaDa and LaLa", it writes that the Crownstone UFO is just under the ground of "TsiTou".

"Maitreya will be coming soon." "Jesus will be coming back" "Messiah will come again", Though different religions use different names, in TsiSun and KuanShan, it is said God will appear here to save this world. There are a lot of legendary stories to talk about it. We'll report to you later on.

The legend of "Buddha's Light Temple"

2000-1.jpg (17186 ??)

"Buddha's Light Temple" is in Crownstone Garden's northern side
——the southeast "TsiSun" beside the Green Dragon Mountain. It is built in 1955. When Japanese occupied Taiwan, there was a Taiwan solder making a wish."If I can come back safely, I'll pray and build a temple." However, after the end of the war, he forgot the wish he made. After ten years, his business was failed so he started to study Buddhism. One day, suddenly, there was a voice beside his ear and reminded him the wish he made before. He seemed to wake up quickly to find a place to make his wish come true. One day, he rode a bike to the place where the "Buddha's Light Temple" locates right now, he met a landlord who built the MaChu Temple burn for many times. The landlord dreamed there would be a monk riding a bike to look for a place to build a temple. So when they met together, they're so happy and planned to build a new temple. This is the story of "Buddha's Light Temple". This monk is the ancestor of "Buddha's Light Temple"——ShiWeiKuan.

When they built the temple, they didn't invite the architect to design it but they received the information through meditation. If you look at this temple, the roof of the main hall is like a pyramid with a lotus in blossom. The design is so delicate and even the architects also praise it a lot. And then they built another temple named "Fo-Yuan Temple" opposite of "Buddha's Light Temple" in Central Mt. of HwaTung valley. It is said in "Buddha's Light Temple", there will appear a Holy Land which is like Jerusalem around the year 2000. At that time, there will be 5000 people coming here every day. All the monks and secular Buddhist devotees right now practice very hard to welcome the honorable day.

When they built "Buddha's Light Temple", one day it appeared 36 rainbows across "Buddha's Light Temple" and "Fo-Yuan Temple" so the "Ladder of Dragon's Door" has 36 levels.

According to one of the devotees' speaking, there will be a person who is the rebirth of Chiachang living Buddha to be the abbot of "Buddha's Light Temple".

There are many legends of "Buddha's Light Temple". We'll report to you very soon.

Ama John 1999.9.9